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Review for DN-V210 Professional DVD

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DN-V210 Professional DVD Feature

  • OSD and display icons that normally appear on the screen can be switched on or off by the user for icon free video playback. This function extends the usage to Kiosk terminals and the like by removing unwanted screen displays for Video playback or st
  • The DVD player wallpaper can be changed at the user’s discretion (JPEG format). Using this function, corporate logos, school emblems or any other specific icon will appear on the screen after booting up or stopping the video during playback. Alternatively, a black screen may be selected instead of a wallpaper image.
  • The DN-V210/V310 Professional DVD players has the ability of automatically converting PAL video content for display on NTSC displays and vice versa. This feature is extremely useful for Corporations or Educational facilities that have office or affiliates / partners overseas.
  • With this function the player can start playback automatically after poweringon. Each stage of set up and playback is conveniently memorized for next time usage when the power is turned off.
  • MP3, WMA, JPEG, DiVX (v. 3.11/4.12/5.1) playback, HDMI (v1.0) High Definition Multimedia Interface.

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